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Electricians Residential Christchurch

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David Moot Electrical. Christchurch Electricians

Electricians Christchurch: Residential - Commercial

Electricial Company Christchurch for all lighting David Moot Electrical
Commercial Electricians Christchurch David Moot Electrical

Electricians Christchurch and throughout the Canterbury Region.

Electricians Christchurch, David Moot Electrical. Residential and Commercial electricians Christchurch Canterbury. 100 years plus of Electrical Experience.

David Moot Electrical are a family business that has served the people of Canterbury since 1992.

The family orientation of the business equates not only to “Affordable Excellence” but also long-term sustainability. Well, David Moot Electrical has been around for almost thirty years. That’s a lot of time spent on tools and a lot of customer satisfaction gathered over the decades.

In fact, this team is so experienced they have accrued a combined total of well over 100 years of electrical know-how! That speaks volumes about the expert service David and his team provide to their clients.

Specialists in residential and commercial installations and alterations, David Moot Electrical are Master Electricians and highly skilled in the use of globally renowned HPM Legrand and Schneider Electric, and other leading brands.

David is also a great advocate of LED lighting options and is happy to offer well-based advice and technical services in this way of the future, fast-growing ever-changing arena.

The “go-to lighting” in new homes, LED’s are also retrofitted for older homes, inside and out. LED’s are a great option for commercial enterprises, too, with far-reaching economies of scale in longevity, maintenance, and energy consumption.

David’s service statement is ‘No job too small’. This reflects his ability to relate with the little people as well as property investors, commercial operators, and industrial clients. Whether he’s asked to fix a small appliance or come up with high-tech large-scale electrical design, David Moot has the team on board to help.

David’s business also has a back-of-mind view that providing superior electrical services will go a long way in aiding his other mission in life: investing in Crossroads Youth with a Future Trust, Canterbury Kids Coach, the Morrison Memorial Home in India, a new Apostolic School in Greenpark, giving youth today (our electricians of tomorrow!) the chance to develop healthy attitudes and positive values.

Aligning life experience with business excellence


Phone: 03 343 5061 

Mobile:0274 339 450

Email: admin@mootelectrical.co.nz

Electrical Services Christchurch and throughout the Canterbury Region.

Electrical Services Christchurch and throughout Canterbury. David Moot Electrical likes to keep things pretty straightforward. And they are also very modest. In fact, their business motto is: ‘Our business offers “Affordable Excellence”

A play on words perhaps, but David could have kept the Intelligence Quotient as part of that motto because intelligent, top-grade electrical services are something the team from David Moot Electrical supply daily.

Sensible advice and superior service for all customers, from residential to commercial, from shop owners to private landlords, have given David’s team a right to feel justifiably proud of what they achieve.

Many of David Moot Electrical’s specialist services encompass ‘smart home’ automation and we are happy to be affiliated partners with Maxim Projects Ltd in the Christchurch rebuild.

David Moot Electrical work across the board providing a variety of electrical services:

  • Installation and supply of Quality LED lighting
  • Rental Property Specialists: Electrical maintenance, safety inspections, repairs, appliance servicing, refits and sound advice.
  • Christchurch rebuild Master Electricians
  • Residential, Commercial and a Service division.
  • Insurance Reports Electrical Checks
  • Alterations and Additions
  • Tool tagging
  • Security lighting, Design and Installation
  • Emergency call outs
  • Data, TV/AV Fibre
  • We do it ALL.

Our methods match “Affordable Excellence”

David Moot Electrical. Canterbury Region Residential and Commercial Electricians


Phone: 03 343 5061 

Mobile:  0274 339 450

Email: admin@mootelectrical.co.nz

Electricians Christchurch David Moot Electrical
Commercial Electrical Contractors Christchurch

Commercial Electrical Contractors Christchurch Canterbury
Commercial Electricians Christchurch
LED lighting Christchurch Electrician
David Moot Electrical Canterbury Region Residential and Commercial Electricians
Electricians Residential Christchurch
David Moot Electrical. Canterbury Region Residential and Commercial Electricians

Residential Electricians Christchurch and throughout Canterbury.

Residential Electricians Christchurch and throughout Canterbury. Master Electricians Covering Christchurch and Canterbury. Call David Moot Electrical today for all your electrical needs.

David Moot Electrical are members of a quality control board ECANZ which means that they are backed by a $20,000 workmanship guarantee on all residential electrical work.

Not that you’d ever need it. When you choose David Moot Electrical for your installation or repair job, the “Affordable Excellence” motto comes into play once again. David’s team have these values at the basis of all their work.

They are also very smart operators. Supplying the wiring design for ‘smart homes’ provides you with comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

The electronically controlled features of smart homes are becoming integral to many new high-end builds and often call for the latest technology which is easily incorporated into the plan.

David Moot Electrical are very enthusiastic about LED lighting and can install, upgrade and retrofit. LEDs are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, low fire risk, versatile long-term solution.

We specialise in full electrical property management services for landlords which offer tenants the reassurance that their electrical problem will be fixed properly, quickly, and safely.

And for the property owner: you’ll always know that your valuable investment portfolio will be kept up to scratch. David Moot Electrical work to ensure your electrical safety obligations are met before and throughout the duration of each tenancy.

The specialised electrical work for entry-level retirement units is another service we provide, and we use high-quality products that ensure peace of mind for the occupier.

Call us for these services:

  • Installation and servicing of creative LED lighting
  • Home automation
  • TV aerials
  • Garden and security lighting
  • Spa pool circuits
  • Electrical product servicing and repair
  • Towel rail timers
  • Cooktop, oven and stove repair and installation
  • Home AV (entertainment) systems
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Rental property electrical maintenance, including safety inspections, repairs, appliance checks and ongoing management
  • New house and renovation wiring and rewiring
  • Electrical work for bathroom and kitchen renovations
  • Hot water cylinder repair and replacement.


Phone: 03 343 5061 

Mobile:  027 433 9450

Email: admin@mootelectrical.co.nz

Master Electricians Christchurch David Moot Electrical
David Moot Electrical Christchurch
David Moot Electrical. Canterbury Region Residential and Commercial Electricians

Commercial Electricians Christchurch and throughout Canterbury.

Commercial Electricians Christchurch and Canterbury.  The team at David Moot Electrical Commercial Electricians Christchurch and Canterbury are value-driven, not only in providing our customers with high-value services but also in our own business ethics. We understand that your commercial enterprise is your livelihood so when we say we’ll be there to fix your problem or commit to your project, we mean it.

The team at David Moot practise extensive and ongoing technical training and are on the ball with the Health & Safety at Work Act, 2016.

Our use of the Schneider brand of electrical products means we offer services such as surge protection, continuous power supply (UPS), network connectivity, and switchboard upgrades for your business.

Global specialist Legrand is another key player in our electrical installations; our work with HPM enables us to offer state-of-the-art products in automation systems, lighting, and sophisticated socket solutions.

Another major speciality is our LED lighting design – something we are passionate about. This environmentally-friendly form of lighting for large or small commercial properties is also economical, has great longevity, and is low maintenance.

Our commercial division offers:

  • Installation and servicing of quality LED lighting
  • Rental property Electrical package, includes safety inspections, repairs, appliance servicing, and sound advice
  • Repairs and maintenance are not a problem
  • Electrical safety certificates and testing, thermal imaging
  • Electrical wiring fit-outs for the new office build
  • Electrical services and solutions for business, retail or community premises
  • Commercial lighting design, repairs, and maintenance
  • Emergency and exit lighting Design and installation.
  • Equipment testing and tagging for safety compliance
  • CCTV, data, and computer networking.